About Me

About Anjalica

Expertly trained by the esteemed Shiamak Davar and Bharatnatyam maestro Yamini Krishnamurthy, Anjalica’s true calling is to teach dance. Be it the jhatkas and thumkas of Bollywood or the pops and locks of Hip-Hop, we can only watch in awe as she floats as elegantly as a butterfly from one style into the next. Her passion for her art flows through the expression in her eyes, an ever-present smile on her face and grace in every move.

Anjalica will hold your hand and guide every step with care and patience you will be surprised at your own transformation! Anjalica specialises in teaching young couples to dance with each other on their wedding day. Through this beautiful journey, they rediscover their chemistry, learn how to synchronise their steps and hearts and fall in love all over again. It’s no wonder that her wedding choreography is the talk of the town.