bollywood zumba dance classes in Noida

Have you ever wanted to dance on your favourite Bollywood numbers? Have you ever been in front of the television, listening to your favourite pep song from Bollywood and imagining yourself dancing to the tunes? If yes, we are the right match for you. If no? you can surely give us a try. Well because we can make anyone dance. That’s our motto.

While keeping you in mind and those who have always wanted to learn the bollywood genre of dance but couldn’t, we have started Bollywood dance classes in Noida. Here you can learn all those steps you have, till now, only danced to in your dreams. Yes, we’d make your dreams a reality. With strategy led classes for naive dancers, and advanced ones for those who know a step or two, we have classes for one and all.

And it has all been made possible because of our ace choreographer, Angelica. Her motto is Anybody can dance. Also a fitness expert, Angelica amalgamates dance and fitness and teaches you the perfect match.
Well, what better than this match and bollywood.

Why Learn Bollywood Genre?

For starters, it works everywhere. Yes, bollywood is one dance form which works almost everywhere. Whether it be a casual party, or a pub, a marriage ceremony or a simple sangeet function, Bollywood fits everywhere. Second, it is loved by all.

Angelica says, “Bollywood pe sabke pair thirakte hein”. Isn’t it true? The feet automatically pair up in a rhythm whenever you hear bollywood. Third, the Bollywood’s beats are already in you. If you are brought up in India, it’s a fact that you already know bollywood in your subconscious. You just need to pull the dance out.

And well, who better than Angelica to do that. She can make even the non dancers dance like professionals. Fourth, It is an Encompassing Genre. That’s the beauty of Bollywood, it is an umbrella to most forms of dancing. Sometimes, it’s a mixture of several forms, sometimes it’s on its own. Nevertheless, it is a dance form which is unique and loved not only in India but throughout the world.

So why wait? Come join Angelica’s Bollywood dance classes in Noida and dance to the tunes of the exciting and interesting bollywood numbers. And by learning this dance form, mesmerize not only yourself but those around you.
Angelica says, “dance brings people closer. It’s a force which unites”

Well then, unite with the love within you, that’s dance.