Dance Classes in Noida

Dance is food for the soul. The steps, an expression of nirvana, attainment of its kind, free from the stresses of life. Just a few steps, and you are in a whole new dimension. That’s dance. It is an art which can be created by anyone. As long as you have two feet, you can dance.

Alas! Not everyone still can. It is a technique, out there to be learnt. Only one condition though! You have to be a good learner. Well yes, if you think you have it in you, if you think you need to dance to nourish your soul, or if you need to dance to impress someone, or if you need to dance to impress on yourself, come join me at my dance academy in Noida.

Anjelica says-

“Agar aapke pair thirakte hein, to naachna zaroori hai!”

Well, we have several genres. With an array of different styles, you can fit in with what you love the most. Here are a few of them-

Wedding Choreography-

You want to be the perfect saali. But well, you can’t dance. Here’s your opportunity! Angelica will bring out the dance in you. And not only the saali, she can bring out the dance in anyone with her moves. Whether it be a group performance, an exclusive by the bride and groom, the oldies dancing to gold numbers or be it the children, Angelica has specific as well as customised dance moves for you all. If there is a wedding in the family, Angelica’s dance classes in Noida are the perfect match.

Bollywood Zumba-

Here’s when you find out that exercise and fun can coexist. Bollywood zumba is an amalgamation of your favourite desi numbers and your favourite exercises. You can never learn dance in a more fun way than bollywood zumba. And of course, at the same time, stay fit. Anjelica says, “It will keep you toned and fit”.

Well then, this is the perfect fit for all you desi boys and desi kudis.

Couple Sessions -

You are finally marrying your soul mate and you want to make it more special by syncing your moves with your partner’s on the wedding day? Angelica has the perfect steps for you. All you need to do is a short course from her which will make your wedding day a notch more memorable. Her dance classes will bring out the perfect chemistry between you two on the first day of your shaadi!

Hip Hop/Salsa-

And then if you finally want to become a pro in dancing. Angelica’s dance classes in Noida also have separate sessions for you in hip hop and salsa. This is for all those who have always wanted to dance but couldn’t get the necessary training. Angelica’s rigorous yet fun led dance classes will help you achieve the best of what you have in dance.

Training Videos -

Now the biggest problem you have is that although you want to dance, you don’t have the time to attend classes. Well, don’t worry. Angelica’s training videos will bring dance classes to your home. Now you can learn dance in the comfort of your home, all thanks to Angelica.