Hip Hop Dance Classes in Noida

Hip Hop Dance:

Dance can wash away the burdens of daily life and take you on a rejuvenating journey!

Anjalica Puri invites you dance like you mean it! When you dance, you dance first for yourself and then for the audience. If you are looking to add some swag to your style, what better way than to learn Hip-Hop. The breaks, the locks and the popping will pump up your spirit, energising your body like never before. Anjalica Puri’s Hip-hop dance classes in Noida are the best if you are looking to learn this dance form.

Hip-Hop as a dance style:

Hip-Hop as a dance form was birthed in the 1970’s in USA which quickly gained traction among the locals. What was essentially a street dancing style became a cultural phenomenon. In recent years Hip-Hop music has gained immense popularity and has evolved into a culture. We have seen this high energy dance gaining popularity among Indian youth since 1990’s. Be it in Bollywood songs or dance reality shows or live performances, the influence of Hip-Hop is very evident.

Hip-hop dance classes in Noida.

  • It’s a full body work in style.
  • Upbeat moves and music detox you of the stress.
  • It immensely enhances flexibility.
  • Keeps you charged up all day long.
  • It steps up your swag and boosts your confidence.

Young people, old people and kids, all are welcome to Anjalica’s dance studio in Delhi. All we ask of you is to come with an open mind and bring along your passion as you join our Hip-hop dance classes in Noida. As you dance with us step by step, you will see yourself getting moulded into a confident dancer.

Anjalica can train if you are ready to learn!

This freestyle dancing can truly become the voice of your free spirit. It is a great way to channelize your energy and passion towards something so creative as Hip-Hop. Anjalica Puri herself is an avid hip-hop dancer who learnt her moves from the dance maestro of contemporary dance forms, Shiamak Davar. Whether you are 4 or 64 years old, if you have the heart to learn some electrifying moves, Anjalica promises to train you like a pro!

Hip-hop being a freestyle dance form is relatively easy to learn, requiring you to just sway to the upbeat music. Apart from being a popular dance, the benefits of Hip-Hop should inspire you to enroll yourself in one of our