Salsa Dance Classes in Noida

“Dance is music made visible...”

Dancing of any form transforms your world into a surreal one where you can let your spirit free to soak in the thrill and passion of the moment. That’s the kind of dance experience Anjalica Puri strives to deliver with each dance form. We offer the most technically sound and professional Salsa dance classes in Noida for individuals as well as for couples. We endeavour to arrange the best social experiences (after a dull day at work or business) that will give you a great deal of enjoyment.

Salsa as a dance form:

Salsa is a syncretic dance form which has its roots in the Cuban dance and music. Originating in the 1900s, this dynamic phenomenon reached the pinnacle of its impact during the 1950s. Salsa music is so distinct and vibrant because it is a culmination of African, Spanish and Latin music genres, blended with American Jazz. We bet you can’t resist tapping your toes and feel pepped up when Salsa music comes riding on the wind!


We at Anjalica Puri dance academy offer unmatched Salsa dance classes in Noida which will not just boost your confidence but will make the heads turn! Whether you are solo dancers, couples or corporate groups, we invite you to get acquainted with this sprightly dance form and feel your spirits elevated. This highly energetic dance form is perfect for a wedding engagement or a corporate event where people can have a fiesta. Anajalica, the master artist herself, will simplify the dance moves and yet teach you the right techniques of Salsa ensuring you have the ultimate joy of dancing.

Just like the season of monsoon, or the conversations over a cup of coffee that can spark romance between you and your partner, a salsa dance session can do the same magic to you and your partner! The touch aspect of dancing in salsa can bring you a mesmerizing experience like no other! It is proven by research that human touch helps de-stress better and lifts up the spirits.

Salsa dancing has got high energy music which can soothe your senses and so, as the best choreographers in Noida, we always vouch for the psychological benefits of salsa. Therapists advise salsa dancing as an effective therapy for those who suffer from social anxiety or lack of self confidence. Besides passion and sensuality, it fills up your day with self confidence and helps you loosen up enough in front of strangers.

Salsa dancing can help encourage social bonding. Be a part of our Salsa dance classes in Noida and enhance your social skills. While you move and groove, twist and turn to the rhythm and know your partner, life gets even more exciting! All those shimmies and shakes together with a stranger can helps us feel a sense of connection and sameness.

Salsa is a great way to build stamina and endurance. As you burn more calories and flush the toxins out of your system, we promise to make you a fitter person at the end of the course. The joy of dancing helps you approach life more positively and achieve higher goals.

Salsa a Couples’ Dance:

Set the dance floor on fire with your partner with Salsa! Come be a part of our Salsa dance classes that specifically train couples to master this art form. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, we have something exciting for everyone. Push your inhibitions away and match your steps with your partner as put on the wings of Salsa. We assure you, our dance classes for couples will strengthen your bond as well as appreciation for each other.

Experience Salsa like never before with Anjalica Puri:

“Salsa is a Dance which is like the narration of a magical story; It recites on lips, illuminates imaginations and embraces the most sacred depths of souls.”

What makes us stand out in the crowd is our passion for Salsa. If you have in you the desire to dance, we assure to bring out the dancer in you!

  • We offer dance classes for all levels
  • We offer special dance classes for couples
  • No partner? No worry! Our expert dancers are here to step in and help you train.
  • Learn as much or as less as you want. We will customize the classes for you.
  • Tailored lessons for specific occasions like wedding, school or college performance or competition.
  • Our Salsa dance classes in Noida can double up as workout. We give you reason to stay fit!
  • Competitive fees structure ensures you learn the most technically correct Salsa without spending overtly.