Wedding Dance Choreographer in Delhi

  • Let your wedding dance be unique..
  • Let it be fun and peppy..
  • Let it be perhaps a bit understated..
  • But most of all, let your wedding dance be a celebration of your Love!

Music, dance and weddings are inseparable. A bride’s glowing face, a groom’s statement of love, a father’s tears of joy and all the wishes of the loved ones gets culminated in the form of gleeful dance performances. Be it at the Sangeet, mehendi ceremony, ring ceremony, engagement party, reception or the cocktail party, it is incomplete with some peppy dance numbers. Anjalica Puri, a seasoned wedding choreographer in Delhi is here to get you all prepped up for your very special day.

Dance plays a vital role no matter which kind of wedding you might be having. Every wedding calls for a special performance that will sweep the guests away in merriment and having them groove to the beat too. And we believe there is no better way to prepare yourself for the wedding than to have an expert wedding choreographer who can train you for the occasion based on your individual capability.

Indian weddings are as much about the bride and groom as they are about the family and friends. This once in a lifetime event is all about emotions and bonding. We at Anjalica Puri dance academy craft our wedding dances in such a way that they pull every heart together with cords of love, bringing them closer and multiplying the celebrations.

Wedding choreography for everyone:

Are you looking for the best medley creation and some breathtaking dance moves for your D day? Then you we get you to perform your best!! We have special dance sessions for all those special people that grace the occasion. From your grandparents to cousins and friends, let everyone set the stage on fire. Being the most versatile wedding choreographer in Delhi, Anjalica Puri offers a platter full of wedding dance performances to choose from. Take a look at the services we offer…

  • Romantic dance for the bride and the bridegroom
  • Solo dance performance by a friend, sibling or cousin
  • Group performance for couples
  • Girls take the stage
  • Boys take the stage
  • Dance numbers for girls and boys
  • Special dance numbers for parents, aunts and uncles
  • An exclusive performance by grandparents

Our vision of an ideal wedding choreography:

When we choreograph for your wedding, we make sure it`s nothing but the best! A wedding dance is like poetry and each move is like words, which should perfectly fit-in to create magic. Anjalica composes each and every wedding dance from various points of view to ensure it becomes memorable. The elements of an ideal wedding choreography are:

  • It should be fun all the way! No matter who is performing, our aim is to make the dance utterly enjoyable.
  • Uniqueness and simplicity are the two core principles of our dance compositions. Uncomplicated, easy to catch up moves make the dancers confident and thus lead to a successful performance.
  • Dance de-stresses and that’s what we want to do with our wedding choreography too. We try to get everyone involved in the performance so that they enjoy the little moments, forgetting the stress for a while.
  • Each dance performance that we conceptualise has a character to it thus creating an emotional connect. As the top wedding choreographer in Delhi our vision is to use dance as a tool to enhance bonding between the bride and the groom’s family.

Classical, Bollywood, Jazz or Salsa – what kind of dance would you prefer for your special occasion? Anjalica Puri being an immaculate dancer herself will train you in any dance form of your choice. She is also overtly experienced to set realistic goals for your dance performance based on the time limit, age and skills of people. Not everybody is a great dancer but if they put their heart to it, everybody can deliver a memorable dance performance. That’s what Anjalica, as the leading wedding choreographer in Delhi, will help you achieve.

Allow us to compose some spectacular dance performances for your wedding that will truly raise a toast to your love.