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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, Anjalica’s dance classes will bring out the very best in you, build your confidence and put you completely at ease. She teaches students from age 4 to 64 with equal panache.


Best Choreography & Performance Award at the ultra prestigious IFA Awards Bangkok 2019, by none other than the Reigning Bollywood Diva, Ms Kangana Ranaut.

We make you want to dance...right now!

Let Anjalica bring out the dancer in you!

Bollywood Zumba

Tired of your boring workout? Here’s a reason to look forward to exercising! Anjalica’s Bollywood Zumba lessons will burn all those extra calories, getting you toned and fit. The best part? It’s so much fun and energising that you won’t want to wait for the next class! Our dance studio in Noida offers the best experiences and opportunities to all age groups. Get fit in the most entertaining way possible with our Bollywood Zumba dance sessions!

Wedding choreography

Wedding days are much awaited not just by the bride and groom, but by enthusiastic friends and family who want to shake a leg! Anjalica’s wedding choreography will turn even the biggest amateurs into confident dancers that turn heads. If you have a mission to impress on your loved one’s wedding day, Anjalica’s dance classes are the best option for your big day! For any of your last minute wedding dance exigencies, contact Anjalica- the best wedding choreographer in Noida.

Couple Sessions

Want to create the ultimate romantic memory on your wedding day? There’s no better way to do it than through an elegant dance between the bride and groom. Anjalica’s dance classes for couples will make your chemistry sizzle and turn you into the envy of all eyes! We believe that Indian weddings are all about fun-filled celebrations. We are the best wedding choreographers in Noida because we love to infuse emotions and joy to the fullest into your couple dance performances.

Hiphop / Salsa

If you are passionate about dance and interested in learning the nuances for fun or for a competition, Anjalica’s hiphop and salsa  classes will take you to another level. She will make you move like a pro, that’s a guarantee.

Training videos

No time to attend live classes? No problem! Anjalica’s step by step instructional videos are all you will need to hone your talent. You can try them out in the comfort of your own home and surprise your friends and family that think you can’t dance. Replicate the steps taught in the video and have a no-holds-barred dancing time.


It’s time to get the party started!

Forget your worries, drop all your other plans and come dance with Anjalica today!

Expertly trained by the esteemed Shiamak Davar and Bharatnatyam maestro Yamini Krishnamurthy, Anjalica’s true calling is to teach dance.

Best Wedding Choreographers In Noida

Have you always dreamt of giving a dance performance at your own wedding or your cousin’s wedding BUT cannot implement your ideas due to lack of confidence, lack of co-ordination with friends and peers or other last minute tasks that are keeping you occupied? Well, stop worrying! We at Anjalica wedding choreography studio can help you indulge in some bindaas dancing. We have the most quirky and easiest dancing solutions for all kinds of couples, the bridal squad and the groom squad.

Anjalica will hold your hand and guide every step with care and patience you will be surprised at your own transformation! Whatever the occasion, she will set your mood right for a great and sizzling performance. She provides customised services to all her clients keeping in mind their dancing abilities and vigour. Her exclusive way of establishing a relationship with the client is what makes her the best wedding choreographer in Noida.

  • She can also choreograph dance for your entire baraat.
  • For 10 years, she has been making dadis, dadas, buas and bhabhis shake a leg to their favourite songs and enjoy some good old fashioned desi masti!
  • From flash mobs to Bollywood fusion, there is nothing Anjalica can’t work her magic on as a dance instructor.
  • Improve your dance skills by watching her step by step training videos at your own pace.

What’s wedding magic without the dance. Just let Anjalica know who are your friends and relatives who want to shake a leg at your big event. Anjalica will make them do Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and fusion jigs. Hips are going to thrust and feet are going to fly and everyone will remember this performance of a lifetime.

At Anjalica, we believe that everyone can dance! All you need is the right mix of songs, the quirkiest dance steps and just the right amount of practice that can make you rock the dance floor! At Anjalica, we make your wedding choreography experience a smooth sail.


Vinita Hingorani

Telematics leader, Cummins

Anjalica is an awesome dancer and a superb teacher. She puts her heart and soul into dancing and that’s reflected in the passion with which she dances. Her dancing classes are lots of fun and the students end up learning some really good steps

Dr. Bindu Rana

Director Educomp schools

Anjalica has the ability to make two left feet start tapping to the beat and dance well. She is able to choreograph dance steps according to the persons capability and does it with patience and passion- a rare combination. She is a great teacher for all age groups and is strongly recommended

Anupama Tyagi


Anjalica is a wonderful dancer and totally passionate about her craft. She makes dancing fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Her expressions and movements are really graceful and steps are easy to pick up!

Isha Agarwal


Anjalica has been a sweetheart since I met her. She is an amazing and a very talented choreographer. A perfect blend of contemporary and folk, she makes sure every performance speaks for itself! Full of ideas and very very warm ! Loved dancing with her. Every person at the sangeet was glued to their seats, courtesy the hardwork put by her! Anjalica u will always be my go to choreographer for all dances hereon! Thnk you for being you!

We make you want to dance...right now!


Anjalica has led entire families of Dadas, Dadis, Bhabhis, Buas and Masis to an unbroken tradition of making every event memorable. Take a look at how her golden touch gets people moving and grooving… wow!

A shy caterpillar evolves into an elegant butterfly

Watch Anjalica bring out the very best in this talented young dancer, and choreograph a special number for a national-level dance competition!

TAMA TAMA !​ Is this a dance class? Or a dance PARTY?

Within a few days or just a few hours, Anjalica can get your bridal party dancing to a fun and easy wedding choreography that is sure to make jaws drop! These girls sure had a ball at their friend’s wedding thanks to Anjalica.

KEH DO TUMHE ! like you’ve never seen it before

Whether it is wedding choreography or sangeet choreography, if there is a will, Anjalica is the way! This enthusiastic bunch had only one request: Make us dance. Anjalica never turns down a challenge. Within a very short time frame, Anjalica’s support and encouragement got these charming uncles and aunties to rock the stage!

A couple that learns dance together, stays in love forever !

What makes Anjalica one of the top choreographers? Look at how effortlessly and patiently she helps this beautiful couple create a fairytale moment on their wedding day. You will make a memory to last a lifetime, and make your friends and family say ‘arre wah, kya mast jodi hai!”

AAJ KAL TERE MERE ! Watch Anjalica bring out the romance between this evergreen couple…!

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to dance.
All you need is the heart to learn and trust Anjalica, and she will do the rest. Watch her sprinkle her magic dust on this sweet couple with no previous experience in dance. Can it get any cuter than this?
Stay tuned to watch how they performed on the wedding stage!

UDEE UDEE-HAWA HAWA- Anjalica sets steps for a superb wedding flash mob!
There is nothing that brings the element of surprise and fun to an occasion than a flash mob. Look how this flash mob comes to life with Anjalica’s expert training to more than 30 people. Imagine a flash dance at a regular wedding peaking into a fireball and then dissipating like nothing ever happened!